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Michael Hanulec
Michael Hanulec(201) 936-1993
4/2004 to PresentWestern Scientific, Inc., San Diego, CA
Director of Technology and Production
  • Manage a 7 person technical staff
  • Perform new product research and development
  • Define and verify quality assurance procedures for new products
  • Currently implementing a new CRM program
  • Continue to perform Senior System Engineer tasks
  • 9/2003 to 4/2004Western Scientific, Inc., San Diego, CA
    Senior System Engineer
  • Recommended, implemented and supported complex High Performance Computing Clusters
  • Developed a set of standard cluster deployment, management, and testing tools
  • Specified and engineered new products including computer enclosures, networking, and disk subsystems/controllers
  • Built custom device drivers for a variety of Open Source operating systems
  • Performed on-site pre and post-sale client visits
  • 3/2002 to 8/2003Schrodinger, Inc., New York, NY
     Information Technology
    System Manager
  • Member of a two person team reporting to COO supporting three offices, and an international development team
  • Managed a heterogeneous network containing six core UNIX (IRIX, Linux, AIX, Solaris, TRU64 & HP-UX) and Windows development platforms with over 10 Terabytes of Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Specified, implemented and maintained two Linux Beowulf clusters with 96 and 8 dual processor nodes respectively
  • Assisted Developers & Customers in debugging and optimizing cluster software
  • Enabled new technologies for Software Development team
  • Streamlined the customer software download mechanism
  • Implemented, administered, & customized a new CRM and Bug Tracking system
  • Maintained shared software utilities for six UNIX platforms
  • 2/2001 to PresentOSNIX Solutions (formerly Hanulec Consulting), New York, NY
     IT Architecture Consultant
  • Engineer Open Source software solutions that leverage existing code and/or Open Source libraries whenever possible
  • Recommend and implement security policies, backup procedures, network infrastructure, servers, and services
  • On contract to perform ongoing remote system management and database administration for clients including Sesame Workshop, Schrodinger, Inc., and AskIt Systems
  • 1/2001 to 3/2002Sesame Workshop (formerly CTW), New York, NY
     Interactive Media (formerly Online)
    Site Engineer (Unix Programmer and System Administrator)
  • Sole provider of 24/7/365 operations support after down sizing
  • Provided technical specifications and recommendations in the process of selecting a Technical Operations Outsourcer
  • Evaluated and made recommendations on vendor proposals to port our content out of Vignette to an open source platform based upon our provided RFP
  • Executed Oracle DBA tasks including tuning, backup and recovery
  • Performed total technical project management, specification, and implementation using Vignette StoryServer & Oracle
  • 8/2000 to 1/2001Sesame Workshop (formerly CTW), New York, NY
     Interactive Media (formerly Online)
    Site Engineer (Unix System Administrator)
  • Member of a three person team which maintains a server infrastructure supporting between 3/4 to 1 1/2 million pages views daily
  • Primary administrator for Vignette StoryServer, Accrue Insight 5, Insight Content & Vignette Bridge, and NetGravity AdServer 3
  • Lead research and development for a Open Source based architecture
  • 5/1999 to 8/2000University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
     Academic Services Computing and Information Technology
    Help Desk Supervisor
  • Managed over 50 Help Desk Consultants
  • Developed the Help Desk's Quality Assurance Program
  • Administrator of the Help Desk's Linux, PC, and Macintosh computers
  • 8/1997 to 5/1999University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
     Academic Services Computing and Information Technology
    Help Desk Consultant
  • Provided technical support for over 40,000 faculty, staff, and students
  • Performed walk-in, phone, e-mail, and on-site consulting
    8/1996 to 9/2000University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering
     Operating Systems: Linux (x86, sparc & ppc), Solaris 2.6, 7, 8 & 9, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, AIX 4.3 & 5.1, IRIX 6.5, BSDi, TRU64/OSF1, MacOS 7, 8, 9 & X, HP-UX 11, and Windows
     Programming Languages: C/C++, Perl, shell scripting , Python, SQL, tcl, Ruby, Expect, Tk, Common Lisp, PHP, Java 2, Pthreads, TCP/IP Sockets, XML, XSL, XPath, XQuery & XML Schema, R2000/3000 & M68K Assembly, Fortran, Standard ML, Prolog, Ada, and JavaScript
     Software Development Tools: emacs, vi/vim, GNU make, Apache Ant, Cons & Scons, CVS, RCS, gdb/dd, Valgrind, memwatch, Strace, Javadoc, Perl POD, and reStructuredText
     Scientific Computing: High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) design, PBS + Maui, Platform LSF v4 & v5, Sun Grid Engine, Condor, DQS 3 & Sun Grid Engine queue scheduling systems, MPI (MPICH & LAM), Grid Computing architectures (United Devices, Platform, & Entropid), Matlab, and Maple
     Internet Technologies: High Availability (HA) infrastructure design, Apache HTTPd 1.3 & 2.0, Netscape Enterprise Server, SSL, Vignette StoryServer, HTML::Mason, J2EE, Jakarta Tomcat, JBoss, data & query caching, PHP, mod_perl, reverse/http Accelerator proxy, Zope, XML-RPC, SOAP, SVG, CGI, and XHTML
     User Management: LDAP , yp/NIS, NIS+, SASL, RADIUS, NT Domains, and Active Directory
     Domain Name Service: djbdns, and bind 4, 8 & 9
     E-mail: Cyrus IMAPd, Qmail, procmail, Sendmail, OpenGroupWare, LSoft Listserv & LSMTP, ezmlm-idx, spam filters, MailMan, gpg & pgp, and Web Mail (horde/IMP & Squirrelmail)
     Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle 8 & 8i, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2, and BerkeleyDB
     Storage Technologies: NAS, NFS performance tuning, SAN, CIFS (samba), and netatalk
     Revision and Content Management: CVS, RCS, Vignette StoryServer, Plone, Zope CMF, and Mason-CM
     System and Network Monitoring: SNMP v3, Mon, spong, Nagios/NetSaint, nmap, MRTG & RRDtool, pathchar, ntop, and Tripwire
     Networking: TCP/IP, InfiniBand HBA and switches, Myricom Myrinet, Gigabit switches, NAT, DMZ, f5 Big/IP HA, T1 circuits, DSU/CSU, Cisco IOS, Unix firewalls, IPSec VPNs , and DHCP
     Misc. System Administration: Backups with emphasis on disaster recovery planning, OpenSSH, compiling custom Linux kernels, SystemImager, Kickstart, JumpStart, Oscar, ROCKS, Warewulf-cluster, xCAT, GNU cfengine, XWindow, FlexLM License servers, IPMI, Terminal Servers, PDUs, Bugzilla, Cygwin, and creation of RPM, DEB, & Solaris packages
     Hardware: x86-based servers & workstations, PATA, SATA & fibre channel disk arrays and controllers, IBM pSeries 4-way 604e, POWER3 & POWER4 servers, Sun Enterprise 4500, 450, 420R & Ultra 2 servers, A5200 fibre channel disk array, Ultra 60, Ultra 10, Ultra 5, Ultra 1 & Blade 100 workstations, SGI Origin2000, Challenge-L, Octane2 & Indigo2, Compaq AlphaServer DS-20 servers, HP PA-RISC K380 servers, tape libraries, Network Appliance filers, unix host-based NAS, and Apple hardware
     Current Projects: OSNIX Solutions, hanulec.com database, xml & LDAP back end, learning Ruby, Java Swing based GUI applications, and an advanced web site metrics package
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