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Secure Shell (ssh)

Secure Shell allows for secure logins and file transfer (scp) between hosts. hanulec.com supports only version 2 of the ssh protocol via OpenSSH. Clients and servers for ssh can be found at freeSSH.org. If your browser supports java you can log into hanulec.com with the following applet:

SSH applet

Secure IMAP (simap)
Users of hanulec.com can now receive their email securely from anywhere in the world. Currently both Netscape (version 4.x or higher) and Microsoft Outlook support simap by default. Pine can also be built to use simap.

Netscape Messenger Secure IMAP Instructions:

  1. From the menu bar, choose Edit --> Preferences.
  2. Expand Mail & Newsgroups, then choose the Mail Servers item.
  3. From the Incoming Mail Servers section, select the mail server you use and click on Edit.
  4. Make sure the Server Type is set to IMAP.
  5. Click on the IMAP tab.
  6. Make sure the Use secure connection (SSL) check box is set.
  7. Click OK.

Once you connect to the SIMAP server for the first time you may be presented with a New Site Certificate window signed by secure.hanulec.com. Just keep on clicking Next and answer the questions accordingly. If you get a connection refused message please email support at hanulec.com.

Note:The highlighted locked padlock in the Netscape Messenger window indicates encryption of a email message, not the encryption of a mail server connection. Thus, the padlock icon remains unlocked when downloading email over SSL. You can verify that your mail is being encrypted by using a utility called TCP Dump (this is for experts and geeks only ;).

Pine (*nix Distributions) Secure IMAP instructions:

  1. Download OpenSSL and follow the default installation methods. I install OpenSSL into /usr/local/ssl on all of my machines.
  2. Download the latest Pine source code. Unpack the distribution and run the build script. If your *nix distribution uses PAM make sure to build your binaries to use great authentication mechanism.
  3. Install your binaries into their appropriate places. You might also want to remove any old pine (and pilot, pico & mtest) binaries. I always install any new binaries into /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin and then create symbolic links to the original installation paths.
  4. To create a Secure IMAP connection you have to specify the following in the appropriate places in your .pinerc file:
    for your inbox and
    for your folder collections.
  5. (Re)Start pine (making sure to use your new builds) and you should be able to connect securely now with out a problem.

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