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hanulec.com is meant to be a "sand box" for me to explore new technologies and present what I have been working on lately. The original reason for purchasing this domain stemmed out of being tired of seeing other host names on my home workstation. I had been using a free dns service called dyndns.org (which still exists today) for a while and all my friends knew my machine name, hanulec.dyndns.org (which also still exists today to support legacy urls and email addresses), but the service just wasn't personalized enough for my liking. Finally, one day I got daring and laid down my 35 hard earned dollars and purchased hanulec.com. What I didn't know is that by me doing this my other family members who are into computers then went out and purchased other hanulec domains. My first cousin, Andy, purchased hanulec.net and a unknown family member from New Jersey purchased hanulec.org.

This web site is hosted from my linux workstation at home which is connected to the internet via a 3com cable modem. My workstation performs many duties, from email server to firewall for my internal network. Further information on my workstation's setup and my network topology will be coming (along with thoughts from my upcoming 2.4 linux kernel upgrade).

Security is a very important part of my professional and personal computing activities. Due to this I have attempted to eliminate any services which rely on insecure login credentials. Currently the following services are available on hanulec.com:

Secure Shell (ssh version 2), Secure Imap (simap), Secure Web server (https) and Secure WebMail

In the near future I will be rolling out some new web based tools to help increase collaboration between myself and my consulting clients. I'm also planning to tie in all services available at hanulec.com w/ LDAP server to provide a single point of client authentication.

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